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Allow us to Fix Your Leaky Roof 

If you have a leaky roof on your house or business in South or Central Texas, you need a reliable roofing contractor. The team at Heartland Roofing & Construction specializes in roof leak repair for home and business owners from Leander to San Antonio, TX. Even the smallest leak can heavily damage your roof, so you need to have any leaks repaired immediately. Our highly-trained and experienced team offers expert roof leak repair services for residential and commercial buildings. Our team will thoroughly inspect your roof for signs of leaking and repair existing leaks, as well as keep new leaks from occurring. Learn more about our leak repair services, and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Repairing Leaky Roofs Effectively

Having your leaking roof repaired should be a high priority. With the number of storms in Texas, it’s imperative to have your roof repaired, so the leak does not get worse when the next storm comes around. Roofing leaks can heavily harm a roof’s structure. It’s critical to keep an eye out for early signs of roof leaks. Any roof with missing shingles may have leaks. Split, damaged, or balding shingles may also be signs of a leaking roof. You may not be too worried about small leaks, but they can allow enough water in to rot roof decking. Your roof’s decking system is essential because it protects the stability and security of the roof. Once moisture starts to leak through the ceiling, there’s a good chance you have a significant problem with leaking. Many roofs begin to leak after severe storms. After a substantial storm, you should contact our roofing professionals to inspect your roof and repair any leaks to prevent larger, more serious problems later on. Our team can provide a comprehensive roof inspection and offer fast, reliable repairs that won’t break your budget.


Signs Your Home Has Water Damage from Roof Leaks

Water damage happens more often than you might think, especially in Texas. It can happen to an old or new home at any time and leave your home in disarray. A leaky roof or pipe can cause severe structural damage if you don’t take care of the problem correctly and in a timely manner. The American Insurance Association has determined that more than 90% of damages caused by leaks and water could have been avoided with proper care and maintenance. The truth is that most homeowners cannot fix water damage or a leaky roof on their own. Most damage exists deep in walls and can cause structural issues that only the professionals are able to diagnose and repair without compromising your home. Your building can also be susceptible to mold, which can result in health problems. Check out these signs that your home has water damage from possible roof leaks:

Wet or Dark Spots – Check for discoloration on the ceiling, as well as on your home’s interior and exterior walls.

Cracking, Flaking, or Bubbling – Inspect the paint and drywall on your walls or ceiling for cracks, bubbles, or flakes.

Pooling Water or Puddles – Pay attention to leaks or ongoing drips leading to pools of water. If you clean up a puddle and it comes back, you likely have a leak.

Sounds of Running Water – You might not always be able to see water damage, but sometimes you can hear it. Dripping sounds, creaking floors, or running water can indicate a leak.

Higher Utility Bills – If your water bill suddenly spikes, you may have a hidden leak.
Damp, Moldy, or Musty Smell – These smells can indicate water damage and are hard to miss.


What to Do If You Notice a Leak After a Storm

If you notice that your ceiling is leaking during or after a storm, there’s a high probability that you have a leak in your roof. To save money and protect your property, you can take the following steps:

Check the Attic – Find out what’s causing the leak. Although it’s probably the roof, check common leak areas, including the flashing around a vent or fan and damaged areas of the roof. Check your AC unit or water heater for leaks as well.

Prevent Future Damage – Place a pot or pan on the area where the water is coming in until you get a more permanent solution.

Lay Down Newspaper – Doing this can help you determine if the leak is limited to one spot or is more widespread.

Determine the Damage – Examine your home’s ceiling, walls, flooring, and cabinets. Report all this information to our team to help us expedite your repairs. You should also take pictures for insurance purposes.

Contact Heartland Roofing & Construction – Set up an appointment with us so we can determine the source of the damage.

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Heartland Roofing & Construction would be happy to visit your home or business in South or Central Texas. Our team will inspect your roof for leaks and make any necessary repairs. Contact us today to get started.

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