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Beautifying with A Green Roof 

Instead of the traditional coverings for your roof like shingles or tile, property owners in New Braunfels and Leander, TX should consider green roofs for their structures. Heartland Roofing & Construction will skillfully install vegetation over your roof for an eco-friendly and cost-saving roofing solution. Green roofs work by putting down a waterproof membrane and then placing soil and plant life over it to cover part or all your roof. While it’s more expensive to install a green roof, the benefits of a rooftop garden tend to far outweigh the initial costs. Besides the natural beauty of a green roof, it also protects your roof against moisture saturation and UV damage better than conventional shingles. You’ll also enjoy lower costs for heating and cooling your home or building. As a natural sound barrier and booster of your home’s curb appeal, we’re proud to promote green roofs for our residential and commercial customers. 

Reduce Your Energy Costs 

In addition to green roofs being a natural sound barrier, they also act as a temperature barrier for your home or business. The plant life absorbs 50% of the sunlight and reflects 30%, which keeps the interior of your structure cooler and more easily manageable for your climate control system. The heat reduction affects more than just your home. Garden roofs in urban areas relieve the city of its heat island effect, in which it absorbs and traps heat. Thanks to green roofs, the temperature in an urban community can decrease 3 degrees, Celsius. The overall heat reduction equates to less strain on your air conditioning system and a lower energy bill. The roofing specialists at Heartland Roofing & Construction will gladly help you install a green roof on your New Braunfels or Leander, TX structure for a cooler, more comfortable house or business. 

Cleaner Air & Rainwater Protection 

With vegetation comes better air since plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen as part of the photosynthesis process. What you might not realize is that a garden roof also filters particulate matter out of the air. Altogether, your roof actively contributes to purifying the air. When your neighborhood experiences rainfall, a green roof’s plants, soil, and drainage layer purify the rainwater and delays it from entering the sewage system. This process drops the peak sewage system’s peak load and aids in groundwater level stabilization. It also reduces the chance of a flood in your area. The ecological impact of a green roof in New Braunfels and Leander, TX is highly beneficial to the general health and well-being of the community. Heartland Roofing & Construction is proud to be a contributor to cleaner air and water in South and Central Texas. 

Add Roof Longevity & Home Value 

The plant life, soil, and waterproof membrane all help to protect your roof from the negative influences of wind, rain, and sun, as well as fluctuations in outside temperature. This protection from the elements can increase your roof’s lifespan by up to 60 years or longer. After a matter of 8 to 21 years, you’ll fully recover your investment in a green roof. With the sustainability of a naturally beautiful garden roof, the curb appeal of your home gets a healthy boost. Add in the reduction in energy costs to maintain your interior climate and the extended lifespan of the roof, and your property value increases. Home and business owners throughout Leander and New Braunfels, TX with green roofs have enjoyed the fruits of their investment with help from Heartland Roofing & Construction. We’ve been providing South and Central Texas structures with these living roofs for years. 

Call Heartland Roofing for a Garden Roof

The various benefits of a green roof equate to savings and comprehensive protection for your home or business with a beautiful rooftop garden. Besides its visual appeal and advantages to your energy bills and roof longevity, green roofs also contribute to the improved health of our environment, including the air, water, and temperature. Heartland Roofing & Construction offers the installation of green roofs for New Braunfels and Leander, TX homes because we understand the amazing returns on your investment. This low-maintenance, ecologically friendly roofing option is a valuable installation that you should always contact professionals like Heartland Roofing to handle. We’ve helped countless South and Central Texas residential and commercial clients get the roof they desire, and green roofs are growing in popularity. Give us a call today to discuss your roofing options and whether a green roof is right for your home or business. 

Seal Your Flat Roof with SPF 

Heartland Roofing & Construction specializes in resolving the various roofing needs of our clientele in Leander and Braunfels, TX. Foam roofs are a terrific solution to residential and commercial flat roof structures. Their impressive longevity, completely waterproof nature, and insulation properties are all benefits that homes and businesses can enjoy for their lifetimes. Call us today to learn more about foam roofs in South and Central Texas, and we’ll discuss if an installation is right for your home. Heartland Roofing always works to make sure that your investment is worth every cent. 

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